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We’re a client acquisition platform for law firms

With our innovative platform, we connect you directly with potential clients seeking legal assistance. To list your firm, you will need to register and choose from our affordable price plans that fit your budget. Once complete, we will review your listing to assess if your firm is a good fit.

Attract, engage and retain clients at the lowest cost per acquisition with the highest return on investment.

Streamline your firm’s growth, expand your reach, and maximise your success with brand awareness, online booking and reporting tools. Join our platform to start acquiring new clients.


We have a great bedrock on which our company is built.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make hiring a law firm as easy as booking a hotel room on Booking.com.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the largest online seller of legal services in the UK within the next 2 years

Our Values

Rooted in trust, clarity, and collaboration, we bridge legal challenges with seamless, supportive solutions.

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FAQs About Finding and Choosing Solicitors in the UK with LaywerSorted

Welcome to our FAQs! Here, both clients seeking legal advice and firms looking to partner with us will find quick, clear answers. Dive in to learn how Lawyersorted makes finding and offering legal services simpler and more effective.
Lawyer Sorted offers a user-centric platform with an innovative matching system, ensuring you find the right solicitor efficiently.
Yes, we cover a wide range of legal areas, ensuring you can find experienced solicitors for any concern.
Through a thorough process that includes verification of qualifications and reviews of their track record and client feedback.
Searching and connecting with solicitors through Lawyer Sorted is free. For initial consultations or call-backs that carry a fee charged by the law firm, Lawyer Sorted facilitates payment by taking card details upfront and only charging once the service is completed. This ensures transparency and convenience in accessing legal advice.
Yes, we encourage you to share your experience to help others and support solicitors in maintaining high service standards.
Yes, specify your need for immediate assistance in your search to find solicitors available to help you promptly.

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