8 Situations When You Should Contact a Family Solicitor

Legal family matters are always challenging to handle. Certain circumstances, such as divorce, prenuptial agreement, and child custody, may raise issues. The best way to navigate such situations is to hire a knowledgeable family solicitor who understands the nuances of family matters. Keep reading to find out how to find a family law solicitor to ensure a smooth resolution to such issues.

8 Common Family Situations That Call for a Lawyer

Each case will differ as per individual and family needs. Here are some everyday situations that require legal help:

Divorce Proceedings

Getting a divorce is stressful for everyone involved. Instead of constantly worrying and quarrelling, it’s best to communicate with your spouse through a lawyer until the divorce is finalised. The professional will help you file for the divorce, do paperwork, and represent your case in court. With a reliable divorce lawyer, you won’t have to get into an altercation with your spouse.

Prenuptial Agreements

It’s wise to consider getting a prenup before tying the knot. The legal document will protect the couple’s assets if things go wrong. In divorces, the prenuptial agreement will have pre-decided resolutions for money and property matters. Moreover, it will also protect against one party getting into debt.

Child Custody and Financial Support

Child custody battles are shared between couples and can be challenging for the couple and the kids. This overwhelming situation can benefit from a professional lawyer who deals with child visitation, holiday time with a parent, custody, and financial support.

The end goal is to ensure the well-being of the child and ensure that the court proceedings are not unpleasant for the child.

Property Issues and Drafting Will

The splitting of property and assets acquired during a marriage may become an issue after separation. In an ideal situation, the parties have a fair distribution of property and appropriate compromise.

It can be stressful to divide the property, and a family solicitor will ensure each spouse gets a favourable division. If the spouse has kids and other family members, the lawyer will also help draft a will regarding the property.

Alimony Demand

To maintain the same lifestyle and financial state, alimony is decided for the spouse. It may be a temporary setup or permanent as per the court orders. Such things are challenging for a couple to determine as one party may not agree to the terms.

So, intervention from a lawyer is necessary to avoid withdrawal, delays, and skipping alimony demands. You must contact a skilled attorney who knows all the regulations and rights to seek the proper alimony.

Domestic Violence

This critical situation requires quick legal intervention to avoid further harm and threat to the spouse. Connecting with domestic dispute solicitors will prevent the abuser from contacting or meeting the victim, as it can be used in court to build the case further.


One spouse may want to adopt the child legally in case of abuse, neglect, and absence. The family lawyer will help build the case and ensure the child’s adoption to the correct parent.

Paternity Tests

One parent may want to know the paternity when negotiating child custody and adoption. These tests have to be legally demanded to reach a successful negotiation. The test may also be requested in child support cases.

Why Hire a Professional?

In case you’re wondering how I choose a family solicitor, the best way is to contact professionals and discuss your case. Here are some ways the lawyers may help you:

  • Emergency protection orders: A lawyer can help you get an EPO to protect yourself and your family from an abusive partner and their threats.
  • Spousal support application: You can get legal help filing for support and sending the application to family court.
  • Postnuptial agreements: If you skipped getting a prenup, a postnuptial agreement will help with financial and property division when needed.

Find the Right Family Solicitor with Us!

When looking for a family solicitor, you need someone with experience and an understanding of family matters. The goal should be finding a reliable lawyer who will help sort out any family-related matters with a positive outcome.

When deciding how to find a good family law solicitor, we advise contacting professionals promptly. Contact lawyersorted.com to connect with the most experienced solicitors.

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