Bringing Employees from Overseas to Your UK Business

Bringing Employees from Overseas to Your UK Business

Bringing employees from overseas can be a valuable asset to your UK business, bringing in diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences. However, sponsoring overseas workers and ensuring visa compliance can be complex. This article will provide valuable tips on legally hiring employees from abroad and supporting their UK work visas for your business.

Understand the Sponsorship Process

The first step in bringing employees from overseas is to understand the sponsorship process. In the UK, businesses must have a valid Sponsor Licence to employ workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. This licence allows you to issue Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to eligible employees. Familiarising yourself with the requirements and responsibilities of being a sponsor is essential.

The first step in bringing overseas employees is comprehending the sponsorship process. In the UK, a valid Sponsor Licence is essential for businesses hiring outside the EEA and Switzerland, enabling the issuance of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to eligible employees. Understanding sponsor requirements and responsibilities is crucial. For expert assistance, explore immigration law firms at Lawyersorted, connecting you with legal professionals to navigate immigration complexities efficiently.

Assess the Job Role and Skills

Before sponsoring an overseas worker, it is crucial to assess the job role and ensure that it meets the requirements for sponsorship. The role must be skilled enough to meet the criteria set by the Home Office. Conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if a local candidate can’t fill the position and requires unique skills that can be sourced internationally. This is an essential step in justifying the need to hire from overseas.

Obtain a Sponsor Licence

You must apply for a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office to start the process. This involves completing an application, providing necessary documentation, and demonstrating that your business is reputable and capable of fulfilling sponsorship duties. Once approved, you will receive a Sponsor Licence rating, determining the number of CoS you can assign. It is recommended to apply well in advance to ensure a smooth hiring process.

Advertise the Job

To comply with visa regulations, you must advertise the job to demonstrate that you have tried to recruit from within the UK and the EEA. Advertise the position by the requirements specified by the Home Office. This can include posting the job on specific platforms and for a particular duration. Keeping records of the advertising efforts will be necessary for future reference.

Issue the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

Once you have identified a suitable overseas candidate, you can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship. The CoS contains information about the job, salary, and duration of employment. It is an essential document for the employee to apply for a work visa. The CoS can be restricted or unrestricted CoS, depending on the circumstances. Ensure that the information provided in the CoS is accurate and complies with the Home Office guidelines.

Assist with Visa Application

Assist your overseas employee with the visa application process. They must apply for the appropriate visa based on the job role and qualifications. Providing accurate information and support throughout the application process is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. Help the employee gather the necessary documents, such as proof of qualifications, financial requirements, and a valid Certificate of Sponsorship.

Maintain Visa Compliance

As a sponsor, it is your responsibility to maintain visa compliance. This includes keeping accurate records of sponsored employees, notifying the Home Office of any changes in employment, and monitoring the employee’s right to work in the UK. It’s essential to stay updated with immigration laws and regulations to avoid compliance issues. Regularly review and update your records to ensure compliance with reporting requirements.

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Seek Legal Support

Navigating the complexities of sponsoring overseas workers and ensuring visa compliance can be challenging. It is highly recommended to seek legal support from immigration and employment law experts. provides a comprehensive directory of law firms and solicitors in the UK. They specialise in immigration and employment law, making it easier for businesses to find expert legal assistance in sponsoring overseas workers, CoS, and visa compliance.


Bringing employees from overseas to your UK business can get numerous benefits, but it requires careful planning and adherence to immigration regulations. You can successfully hire and retain talented international employees by understanding the sponsorship process, assessing job roles, obtaining a Sponsor Licence, issuing CoS, assisting with visa applications, maintaining compliance, and seeking legal support.

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