Calculating and Paying Child Maintenance in the UK

It can be stressful to have a separated family. The situation can be even more stressful when there are multiple children involved. Regardless of your living conditions, every parent in the UK needs to provide financial support to their children.

It might be challenging to manage, mainly if one of the parents is overseas. However, numerous ways to pay child maintenance, also known as child support in certain other countries, can be arranged.

Whether you’re new to this, have an arrangement, or need further clarification, you’re just getting started. You can feel more at ease knowing that your children’s needs are being met if you understand how child maintenance is determined, whether you are paying or receiving it.

In this article, you will learn how child maintenance works, how it can be calculated and many other essential things.

How does Child Maintenance Calculation Work, and Who Makes the CMS Payments?

Child maintenance calculation is a child financial support service that includes the everyday living costs of a child. This type of support also involves food, clothing and shelter assistance. In this situation, the parent who does not have primary daily custody of the child typically gives the other parent money.

The CMS payments can be made by either parent or even both parents. They may be required to pay child maintenance if a guardian or other relative is the kid’s primary source of care.

How are CMS payments calculated, and how do they work in the UK?

There is freedom for parents to apply for child maintenance services in the UK. They can apply for the family-based arrangement that decides how much they’ll be paid. There are several other options to pay for your child’s maintenance payment.

Different ways to set up a child maintenance arrangement

The UK Govt. offers several options to set up CMS payments, including family-based arrangements, collect and pay, direct pay and court arrangements.

1.    Family-based arrangements

These arrangements are made privately and do not include any fees. One of the best things is that it is the most affordable and straightforward option to set up a Child maintenance service in the UK. It can only be possible through family-based arrangements.

2.    Use Child Maintenance Service

Child maintenance service allow you to submit certain information, including parents’ income and the total amount of time the kid spends in each parent’s daily care, and then calculate a fee.

Consider these two options for CMS payments:

  • Direct Pay
  • Collect and Pay

Direct Pay

In this option, both parents will decide how and when CMS payments are made after calculating the CMS amount. This arrangement won’t enforce or monitor the payments.

Collect and pay

CMS will carry out the collection in whichever way they see fit if you select the Collect and Pay option. The parent providing day-to-day care will get money from CMS when collected from the paying parent.

One thing you need to know is that collecting and paying can be an expensive option that can be useful in case any of the parents stops paying or pays less than the agreed amount.

3.    Court Agreement

There is a need to make the arrangements through the courts regarding child maintenance arrangements. In such a case, one of the parents cannot pay for any additional living costs like school tuition, medical expenses, and more. That’s where there is a need to settle everything with the help of a court-ordered arrangement. Get family law advice for your case from the most trusted solicitors in the UK.

Contact Lawyer Sorted To Arrange Child Maintenance Agreements

Your lawyer can help in this regard. You can contact Lawyer Sorted for assistance to get the most suitable financial outcome for your child. They have professional solicitors who help you with child maintenance arrangements so that you can secure your child’s future with great financial help.

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