Empowering Your Immigration Journey: Tips for Finding a Trusted Legal Partner


Any type of immigration case can cause extreme stress to the individuals undertaking it. Attempting a successful application for a visa, citizenship or even contesting a deportation claim can be very challenging. However, one way to mitigate these stressors is by employing an experienced and properly qualified immigration solicitor. Doing so will not eliminate all the stress of these cases, but it will go a long way in ensuring that your application is seamless, stress-free, and most importantly, successful.

Services Offered by Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers can assist you with the following cases:


Whether you’re applying for a specific tier of visa, which can include student, work and domestic/family visas, an experienced immigration lawyer will be able to assist you with all the necessary documentation and filing requirements of whichever tier of visa you are seeking. Due to stringent requirements by the UK Home office, incorrect or incomplete paperwork can severely decrease your chances of a successful application and may even be detrimental to future visa applications as well.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and Citizenship Applications

Indefinite leave to remain, also known as permanent residency is a type of immigration application that can be obtained after certain time limits and work requirements are fulfilled, allowing you to permanently remain in the UK without the additional stress of constantly renewing your visa. However, due to it’s specific requirements, it is essential to retain the services of a knowledgeable Indefinite leave to remain immigration lawyer to ensure a successful application. The same can be said for citizenship applications, another immigration route that can be reached following a successful ILR application.

Naturalisation Procedures

Naturalisation is essentially the process by which a non-national becomes a UK citizen. Due to it’s requirements, it is unlikely that the procedure can be successfully followed without the guidance of an immigration lawyer.

Deportation Defence

Some individuals can face deportation for a multitude of reasons. Whether these reasons may be true or invalid, the stress associated with being faced with deportation is extensive and overwhelming. Employing an experienced immigration lawyer during these procedures is not only vital for a successful defence, but also a necessary measure to ensure peace of mind during this very stressful period.

Asylum and Refugee cases

Tumultuous situations in recent years have forced many individuals out of their home countries and in search of new, safe environments. Many of these refugees choose to seek asylum in the UK. However, despite harsh and practically impossible conditions in their home countries, a successful Asylum outcome is not guaranteed and is often very difficult to obtain without expert advice, another section where a seasoned asylum immigration lawyer can assist.

Employment and Family-Based Immigration

The services of a good immigration lawyer and not only required by individuals, but also businesses, specifically ones that seek to employ foreign nationals, as they will require tiered work visas to do so. There are licenses that must be obtained through applications, as well as a demonstration that regulations are being followed to ensure that no visa fraud is being committed. Due to the seriousness of the potential charges, a prudent business owner should always consult with an immigration lawyer as this will allow them to avoid any possible illegalities.

How to find a reputable Immigration Lawyer near You

One of the most effective methods for connecting with a good immigration lawyer is using the following resources:

Online Directories

There are multiple directories and websites that allow you to conduct an extensive search for immigration lawyers. Although they all have their advantages, none are as effective as Lawyersorted.com, as it combines the benefits and advantages of all these different directories into one seamless, user-friendly and comprehensive platform. Lawyersorted.com also provides many articles in relation to immigration topics, allowing the user to become more knowledgeable about their situations and connect them with the most suitable professionals to assist them with their immigration matters.

Factors to consider when choosing an Immigration Lawyer

It is best to consider the following information about your potential immigration hire:

Case success rate

Past success is always a good indication of future success. The facts of most immigration cases tend to be quite similar, albeit with slight differences. As such, finding a past example of a case with similar facts to your own can be somewhat straightforward. Once you find a reputable lawyer that has successfully dealt with a case with similar facts as yours, you can rest assured that the same application of immigration law will be applied to your case.

Cost and Fees

Not all lawyers are priced the same, and not all individuals have the luxury of spending a lot of money on an immigration lawyer, especially in cases of asylum applications, as often these individuals are fleeing from poverty or war-stricken countries, meaning they often have very little and sometimes none in the way of funds for their case. As such, considering fee structures and affordable options, including legal aid is very important.

Customer relations and availability

Immigration cases are stressful enough. But not being able to access the lawyer that is handling your immigration case due to their availability will exacerbate the stress of the case even further. Ensure that you are secure with your lawyer’s communication capabilities before committing to their services.

Cultural and language factors

As immigration cases can often include individuals that are not native English speakers, hiring a lawyer that is able to offer their services in your official language will provide you with relief as this ensures that you communicate the facts of your case effectively, as missteps can often have severe consequences to the success of your application.


What services can an immigration lawyer provide?

Immigration lawyers can help with visa applications, indefinite leave to remain applications, citizenship, asylum, naturalisation and opposing deportation orders. In addition to individual services, they can also assist businesses with their employment related immigration requirements.

How can I find a reputable immigration lawyer near me?

There are many directories and resources that can help you connect with experienced immigration lawyers, with the most effective and extensive being Lawyersorted.com

What should I consider when choosing an immigration lawyer?

Consider previous success, language requirements, availability and general reputation when deciding on an immigration lawyer.

Are there any free immigration legal services near me?

Legal aid resources are available for those that do not have the funds to pay for an immigration lawyer. You can consult these resources or simply reach out to the professionals at Lawyersorted.com and they will be able to assist you with this matter as well.


The very extensive requirements of any immigration case cannot be easily handled without the expert guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer. Use Lawyersorted.com today to connect you with these seasoned professionals and rest assured that your case will be handled with the upmost care.

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