Flexible Working Rights: How Employees Can Request UK Work Schedule Changes

How Employees Can Request UK Work Schedule Changes

You might wonder how to ask your employer about changes to your work schedule to fulfil your daily needs and requirements. In several companies, employers also allow employees to come in at different work hours during the day or remotely.

In this article, you’ll discover the legal right of an employee to request flexible hours or other work schedule changes. Also, this will include the steps that an employee can take for a schedule change.

What exactly are flexible working rights in the UK?

Flexible working rights, or schedule changes/adjustments, give employees more flexibility in managing their work arrangements. For instance, if you work from 7 am to 3 pm, you can change your work schedule from 9 am to 5 pm. This accommodation of working hours can allow you to drop your children to school, as a positive example of how flexible working rights can be exercised.

You can also ask your employer to shift your schedule to work from home, which helps you to work flexible working hours. This may vary depending on your organisation’s operations and project management needs.

What are the types of work schedule changes you can ask for at work?

Below are the vital work schedule changes employees can request at work. These are the flexible working rights that the employees in the UK can consideras per their job requirements.

  1. Flexible work schedules

Employees are free to work within a required amount of time in the office and can work the remaining hours whenever and wherever they choose.

  • Remote work schedules

When an employee performs all of their work from the convenience of their home location or any other place outside the office.

  • Part-time work schedules

Employees decide to work less than standard full-time work schedules for their required job in the case of part-time work schedules. The part-time work option may vary in different countries and the organisations there. Some part-time work options in the UK are tutor, customer support, receptionist, research assistant, accountant and many more.

How can employees request a schedule change at work?

If you’re an employee who is looking for flexible hours or other work schedule changes, consider these steps below:

  1. Be sure of the specific kind of your request.

You should know what you’re asking for before making an effective schedule request change. To avoid confusion, ensure you are clear about your work schedule change request before asking your manager.

  1. Identify the suitable and reasonable requests for your company’s needs.

As per the employment laws in different companies, their job rules differ. Every company may not provide work-from-home options. That’s the reason employees should confirm first from Human Resources regarding work schedule changes before meeting with their manager.

  1. Discuss with your manager.

After getting the specific details on requesting a schedule change with your HR, you can now request a meeting with your manager.

  1. Discuss your case and expectations.

It is required to provide a detailed rundown of your work schedule adjustments, including where, when, and how you wish to work and when you meet with them.

Once you’ve discussed your work schedules, you must update your daily work arrangements with your manager at the end of the day. It can be best to create a shareable or editable document with your manager every time you complete a task.

This may help you and your manager if they have any concerns regarding your new work schedule.

Make sure to have your transition as professional as possible after getting approval for your work schedule changes. Stay in touch with your manager and team members while working remotely or from home.

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