State Benefits and Financial Support for Single Parents in the UK

It can be challenging for a single parent to manage both children and a household with just one income. Fortunately, several types of single-parent state benefits in the UK ease the burden and fulfil the necessities of a single parent. This financial aid can be provided to all single parents.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of single-parent state benefits in the UK, what exactly maintenance is explained by the family lawyer in the UK and many other things. 

What exactly is a child maintenance service for single parents in the UK?

Not every relationship lasts forever, which is a sad truth. Financial support from the other child’s parents is required if you are separated from your partner after having kids.

Child maintenance can help you and your partner cover your child’s living expenses. This arrangement is available to those who have never been in a relationship or have separated from another parent.

It is equally necessary for both parents to raise their children; both parents are equally responsible.

Your family law solicitor will help you with child maintenance services from the UK government. There are two types of child maintenance you can apply for:

  • a confidential agreement made between the other parent and you
  • made via the government program known as the Child Maintenance Service

If your child is under 16 or 20 and enrolled in authorised school or training, you may be able to have child maintenance arrangements.

What are the Types of Single-Parent State Benefits in the UK?

1.    Child Benefit

Child benefit is a grant the UK government provides for parents or guardians. This grant benefits to the parents who raise their children and is available to all parents. This type of benefit provides less or less to those with higher incomes.

A child maintenance service allows single parents to receive an appropriate amount of maintenance for the upkeep of their children. It is a payment system specially made for parents not living together.

2. Tax Credits

This benefit helps working and non-working parents apply for tax credits. It provides them with financial assistance to raise their kids. Regardless of their employment status, they can apply for tax credits if they work more than 16 hours a week.

3. Housing Benefits

    The UK government provides housing benefits for single parents who cannot pay their rent due to certain financial obligations. This type of benefit can help them pay their monthly rent quickly. Consider a local housing allowance so that single parents may receive some relief from their financial burden.

    4. The Universal Credit scheme

    A government program called Universal Credit was established to replace several previous benefits, such as housing benefits and child tax credits. This program aims to help those who are unemployed or have low incomes. Universal Credit is available to single parents, helping with daycare, housing, and other necessities.

    5. Get free meals in school.

    You may apply for free school meals if you’re a single parent in the UK whose child attends school. In this way, you can save a lot of money on your children’s school meals. Ensure you have a low income to qualify for the free school meals.

    The government offers many more benefits to single parents in the UK, including charities and grants, universal credit, and many more.

    Considering all these benefits, we can support those who need it to give their children a better education, health, and lifestyle.

    As you know, financial help for single parents is not easy. That’s where the single-parent benefits program is available to help them if they’re living in the UK. Any single parent unable to pay the living costs of raising their child can get support from the qualified and reputable solicitors at Lawyer Sorted. They have professional lawyers who give their clients peace of mind to overcome difficult times.

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