Things You Should Keep in Mind When Hiring a Residential Conveyancing Solicitor


Do you know the most essential part of buying or selling a property? It’s finding the right residential conveyancing solicitor. A well-qualified solicitor ensures that all the residential property’s legal aspects, from document preparation to title transfer, are correctly compiled.

According to many reputed law societies in the UK, more than 11,200 people are working as residential conveyancing solicitors. So, amidst so many choices, how do you pick a solicitor who could help you? In this article, we will discuss how to choose a conveyancing solicitor in detail.

How do you choose a solicitor to buy a house?

Transferring the contractual title from one party to another involves a lengthy legal process. So here are a few things to look for or tips on choosing a solicitor when buying a house to ensure a smooth transaction at every stage.


First things first, it’s important to make sure that the solicitor you choose knows the nuances of residential property dealing. The solicitor’s knowledge about crucial aspects ensures that you don’t miss any compliance steps during the transaction. These could be related to preparing documents, local property laws, title examinations, and more.


With relevant experience in residential property dealing and litigation law, a conveyancer can mitigate issues like zoning regulations, title defects, or potential disputes, eventually saving you time and money. In addition, a well-informed real estate knows the regulations and market trends, ensuring the deal benefits both parties.

If a solicitor has local connections with councils and knows the local rules of your state, this would help you address the unique residential property-related challenges effectively.

Cost Transparency

Many clients who don’t know how to choose a conveyancing solicitor end up paying extra costs like third-party costs, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), bank charges, etc. In some cases, the hidden costs often cause budget overruns in a deal.

This is why it’s one of the critical factors in finding a solicitor to buy a house. Hence, choosing a solicitor who offers a transparent cost structure and valid paperwork on cost-plus agreements is wise.


A good market reputation confirms a solicitor’s ability to resolve disputes and complete a project within budget and time constraints. Research the residential conveyancing lawyer’s ratings on online platforms or directories like Yelp or GMB (Google My Business).

If your solicitor is listed among the best, you may consider him. Moreover, you may go the extra mile by referring to word of mouth from their previous clients.

Communication and Accessibility

A property lawyer who is readily available and can answer all your queries related to residential conveyancing eases the decision-making process. As a client, you can rest assured that the whole transaction will be done with the utmost diligence and transparency.

Attention to Detail

Real estate deals involve complex documentation. Even a minor error in paperwork may lead to big problems, such as disputes and financial losses. Hence, to ensure that everything in the deal is under control, look for a property solicitor who pays attention to every detail.

Ethical Considerations

Cross-check whether or not the solicitor has all the necessary certifications for practising law in the UK. Ensure that the solicitor you choose follows the ethical code of conduct in his dealings.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are inevitable in a real estate transaction, and it is necessary to ensure everything is at par. In the real estate market, every buyer faces a unique set of problems. If left unresolved for a longer time, they may lead to dire consequences like financial loss or long delays in a deal. Subsequently, it would be best to look for the ability to resolve conflicts effectively before signing any agreement with the solicitor.

Client-centric Approach

Lastly, a client-centric approach is another essential quality that builds trust between the buyer and solicitor and ensures a smooth transaction. Owing to this, a long-lasting customer relationship can be formed. Hence, opt for a solicitor with a customer-first approach.

Parting Thoughts

So that’s all for a quick guide on how to choose a solicitor for a house purchase. All you need to do is look for the above-mentioned aspects, and that’s exactly how to pick a conveyancing solicitor. Also, remember that any real estate deal is a serious business. Therefore, it’s also important to research this subject. Eventually, this will help you raise the right questions for your solicitor.  

You may find it tricky to find the perfect solicitor for your deal; therefore, can help you connect with solicitors who best fit your requirements.

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