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Lawyer Sorted offers a user-centric platform with an innovative matching system, ensuring you find the right solicitor efficiently.
Yes, we cover a wide range of legal areas, ensuring you can find experienced solicitors for any concern.
Through a thorough process that includes verification of qualifications and reviews of their track record and client feedback.
Searching and connecting with solicitors through Lawyer Sorted is free. For initial consultations or call-backs that carry a fee charged by the law firm, Lawyer Sorted facilitates payment by taking card details upfront and only charging once the service is completed. This ensures transparency and convenience in accessing legal advice.
Yes, we encourage you to share your experience to help others and support solicitors in maintaining high service standards.
Yes, specify your need for immediate assistance in your search to find solicitors available to help you promptly.

A: Discuss your concerns with the solicitor first. If unresolved, our support team can assist in finding a better match.

A: It's actually quite easy, take these steps:

1. Select "List Your Firm" from the menu in the header

2. Select "Get Started" from the plan overview block

3. Fill out the form… we'll guide you through the registration and payment process


A: From family law to business, we span various legal fields. Check our "Search" on the Home page for full "Areas of Law" and all the "Sub-categories" for them.


A: Firms are thoroughly vetted for qualifications and client satisfaction before listing, ensuring a top-notch service.

A: Absolutely! If your needs evolve or you seek a different expertise, you can easily switch solicitors through our platform.


Our Team are Both Experienced and Highly

25+ Years of Combined Experience
At LawyerSorted, our team combines deep legal expertise with cutting-edge tech insight to transform how legal services are found and delivered. We’re passionate about making legal help accessible, leveraging years of industry experience to build a trusted, user-friendly platform.
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