Debt Recovery Solicitors in the UK

If you have lent money to someone and are not getting the timely instalments, it may be time to reach out to the debt recovery solicitors. Whether you are owed a debt from an individual or a company, going the legal way with documents and debt recovery, lawyers will make it easier to get the money back. 


On the other hand, if you have already paid back the debt and the creditor is sending notice for payment failure, then debt collection lawyers can help you get out of legal trouble.

Understanding Debt Recovery Law in the UK

Debt recovery law in the UK states that a creditor(money lender) can take legal action to recover the debt. If the debtor fails to pay, he/she may do so by issuing proceedings in the small claims court or County Court. The legal time limit for most debts is 6 years from the last payment. The time limit for mortgage debts may be longer than 6 years for interest and 12 years for the main total if the home is repossessed. 

UK debt collection regulatory bodies include the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority(PRA). FCA regulates financial firms, and PRA regulates credit unions, insurers, banks, and investment firms. Certain Credit Services Association (CSA) codes exist for debt collection agencies. 

Here are the challenges that come with debt recovery for individuals as well as businesses: 

  • Debtors may be unreachable, and tracking them may be a huge task. 
  • The debtors may not communicate back even after receiving the documents. 
  • Creditors have to follow the rules even when debtors may not be willing to pay the loan back. 
  • The debtors may be genuinely struggling with money that they are not able to repay. 
  • The whole ordeal of debt collection can be a mental challenge. 
  • There may be issues with documentation and debt records. Some parties may not be able to prove the debt.

Commercial vs. Personal Debt Recovery

Commercial debts are business debts that are between companies and service providers. Personal debts involve a person taking money from an individual or a bank. 

We’ll compare the two below: 


Comparison Base  Commercial Debt Recovery Personal Debt Recovery
Debtors Businesses, goods and service providers Individuals 
Amount of Money Larger debts A small amount of debt
Impact on Credit Less impact on personal credit Directly impacts 
Rate  Low  High 
Agenda of Creditors and Debt Lawyers Business debt recovery solicitors focus on money and maintaining business relationships Recovering the money
Major Challenges Balancing cost vs. recovery, customer relationships Finding debtors, financial hardship, emotional strain

The Debt Recovery Process Explained

Here are the steps involved in the debt recovery process: 

Initial Contact

The creditor notifies the debtor about the outstanding debt and the possible legal action if the loan is not paid by the deadline. 

Communication Establishment   

The creditor may contact the debtor via phone, letter or email. Hiring a solicitor to carry out the communication will be better, ensuring the creditor is following the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines. 

Letter Before Action

The creditor can send the debtor a Letter Before Action(LBA). Sending this letter via personal debt recovery solicitors informs the debtor about the outstanding amount and the time frame in which the debtor can pay back. The letter also includes details about the consequences of non-payment. 

Legal Action

If the debtor fails to respond to the LBA, the creditor can go ahead with the legal action at the County Court. The debtor will receive a court form demanding the debt to be paid and will have to pay it back within 14 days, 


After looking at all the proof and documents, the country court judge will give orders for enforcement action against the debtor to retrieve the debt. Besides, the credit score and ability to get loans from the debtor will be assessed.


A debtor may file for bankruptcy due to the lack of funds to pay back the loans with the help of a debt solicitor. However, the lawyers for debt collection may explain to the debtor about the impact on the credit score.


When a business or a company is unable to pay back the loan, the debtor will be assessed for fraud, tax evasion, withholding and embezzlement of funds. 


After the creditor gets the County Court Judgment, the enforcement of the debt begins. The debt recovery solicitor may handle this by attaching earnings orders or charging orders. Another method is to contact a High Court Enforcement Officer to visit the debtor’s address. They will either get the debt or seize goods to the value of the debt.

How to Pick the Right Debt Recovery Solicitor?

The key factors to keep in mind when navigating debt recovery include experience and success rate. See if the lawyer has adequate experience in a similar case. Discuss fees for your case and any additional related costs with the lawyer for debt collection. Ask the commercial debt recovery solicitors to explain the approach to debt recovery. 

Finding the right solicitor can be hard. has a curated network of experienced debt recovery solicitors to choose from. Scroll through the best ones and select them near your location. You may read the reviews and pick the one that aligns with your case. 

Instead of waiting for the solicitors, Lawyersorted makes it easy to reach them by simply choosing from request call back, sending a message, and booking an appointment.

Legal Strategies in Debt Recovery

Here are some legal strategies for recovering debt in the UK:

Negotiation: Mutually deciding on the repayment while negotiating with an unbiased third-party lawyer. 

Litigation: Proceeding with legal action through the court system to get a favourable judgement. The proceedings may take place in Small Claims Court for smaller debts and County Court for larger claims with the help of debt solicitors

Arbitration: Proceeding with an arbitrator to make a decision after looking at the case. 

Settlement: Both parties may agree on an outside court settlement that works for all. 

Bankruptcy: Businesses may go for bankruptcy to dissolve unsecured debts like personal loans and credit card debts. 

FAQs on Hiring Debt Recovery Solicitors

What are the costs associated with hiring a debt recovery solicitor?

Costs associated with hiring debt collection solicitors include legal representation and court-issue fees. Each solicitor will have different hourly or consultation-based fees, so confirm before hiring.

Can debt recovery solicitors handle both personal and commercial debts?

Depending upon the specialty, the debt recovery lawyers will take up personal and commercial cases. Search for the debt recovery solicitors near me that meet your needs. 

How long does the debt recovery process typically take?

Each case is different and will proceed based on the debtor’s response. So, the duration will depend on the complexity of the case and court action requirements. Find the right debt collection solicitors near me to get your debts quickly. 

When to consult a debt recovery solicitor?

Consult debt recovery solicitors when you notice the debtor is unresponsive and has missed paying the debts in the past months. The lawyer’s legal expertise will guide you in the next steps in retrieving your money.

Can help me find debt recovery solicitors near me? has an easy-to-access database of debt recovery solicitors. Pick a lawyer in your region and schedule a meeting online. 

What are my rights as a creditor in a debt recovery case?

Your rights as a creditor include the right to repayment, taking legal actions, and enforcement of court judgments. 

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