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Leicester’s Local Laws Overview

With some of the best lawyers in the country, Leicester prides itself on a legal environment that is as dynamic as life in the city itself. The economy and the population of the city are very diverse. This is why a host of law firms and solicitors have taken it upon themselves to serve the diverse interests of the people.

Most, if not all, solicitors are well-versed in local laws, legal precedents, and the workings of local courts. While English is the standard language for communication, Leicester has no shortage of solicitors from other cultures and countries.

Why You May Need a Lawyer?

Certain unexpected events and situations, however unpleasant, need to be handled legally. These situations could be just about anything- from a complicated family matter to immigration issues or disputes in business. Having a lawyer by your side can guide you through the complicated legal landscape with relative ease.

Choosing the Right Solicitor in Leicester

Choosing the right solicitor is extremely important since legal matters can be very complex and can affect you both emotionally and physically. To make sure this doesn’t affect your case, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind while looking to hire a lawyer. Here’s how you can ensure that you get the best legal advice and representation in Leicester:

  • Experience: Choose a lawyer who has a strong track record and is experienced enough to handle a case like yours. Chances of success are stronger if they’ve handled cases like yours previously.
  • Specialisation: Depending on the nature of your case, consult a lawyer or a law firm that specialises in that particular field. For example, it’s best to consult a family law solicitor for divorce cases or commercial legal services for business disputes.
  • Client feedback: Do a thorough background check before hiring a solicitor. Check online reviews and recommendations and reach out to people in the industry (if you have any personal contacts) to know as much as you can.
  • Communication: It’s extremely important to be able to be honest and open about the details and events relating to your case. Make sure you hire a lawyer you are comfortable with.
  • Terms and conditions: Communicate your expectations clearly with the solicitor you’re hiring. Whether it is regarding communication timings or payment plans, ensure that you’re on the same page with them.
  • Fees: Lastly, look for legal services that fall within your budget. Keep in mind that legal matters may take a long time to resolve. Hiring a solicitor who charges too much for legal advice initially may cause you to drain your savings, inviting trouble for later.

Top Solicitors and Law Firms in Leicester

Established in 2009, BP Legal Solicitors is one of the best law firms in Leicester is renowned for their outstanding legal services in the field of criminal law. Whether it’s legal advice or professional representation that you’re looking for, their talented team of specialists and lawyers have all the solutions you need.

Legal Services Offered in Leicester

Various law firms and solicitors in Leicester offer all kinds of legal services for your cases. From information about services offered by criminal law solicitors to immigration law firms, we’ve got you covered! Some of these include:


Area of Law Types of Cases
Family Law Divorce and separation, civil partnerships, cohabitation disputes,  prenuptial agreements, childcare arrangements
Commercial Law Contract law, company formation and governance, mergers and acquisitions, commercial property, employment law
Criminal Defence Police station representation, Magistrates’ court and Crown court representation, motoring offences
Personal Injury Accident claims, medical negligence, personal injury compensation
Immigration Law Visa applications, immigration appeals, citizenship applications
Property Law Residential conveyancing, commercial property transactions, landlord and tenant disputes
Wills and Probate Will writing, probate
Other areas Intellectual property law, media law, debt recovery, etc.

Understanding Legal Costs in Leicester

The legal costs you’d have to bear would undoubtedly depend on your case, including its category and complexity. However, you might be faced with some additional charges. Evaluating these beforehand may help you be more prepared. Here’s what you need to know about the legal costs in Leicester:

Fee Structure

Some lawyers charge an hourly fee, while other law firms may offer a fixed fee plan. Before entering into any contract, make sure that you receive a written fee agreement outlining the estimated costs, billing method, and any potential additional charges.

Court Fees

The court fees are charged separately and generally not included in your solicitor’s payment plan. There are additional expenses you’ll have to bear, such as filing fees, hearing fees, etc.


This refers to the additional costs incurred by your solicitor on your behalf. Expenses such as expert witness fees, etc., are examples of such disbursements. Some solicitors may also charge travel fees.


What qualifications should I look for in a lawyer in Leicester?

Before hiring Leicester solicitors, make sure to look up their credentials on the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) website. If they are associated with any professional associations, you can proceed. You are also within your rights to ask for their certifications and licences.

How long does it take to resolve a legal matter in Leicester?

While there is no specific answer to this question, your legal guidance counsellor may be able to guide you depending on the nature and complexity of your case. Many other factors also weigh in, such as court backlogs and whether or not the case goes to trial.

Can I represent myself in court in Leicester?

Yes, you can do so, given you fulfil certain legal obligations. If you decide to represent yourself in court in Leicester, you’ll be known as a “litigant in person” (LiP) in legal terms. For detailed legal advice to help you through this process, you can refer to informational resources by the court.

Is legal aid available for individuals in Leicester who cannot afford a lawyer?

Yes, you can apply for free legal aid in Leicester if you’re unable to afford a lawyer. However, you must pass an “interests of justice” test to be eligible for the same. Other factors, such as your income, savings, and the nature of the case, are also considered. You can check your eligibility for free legal aid here.

Can I switch lawyers in Leicester if I am not satisfied with my current representation?

The decision to switch lawyers if you don’t feel satisfied with your current representation is up to you. You can do so at any point in your case. Before doing so, however, review your retainer agreement and analyse any potential consequences you might have to face doing so.

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