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You will pay the Fees applicable to your subscription to Online Service (“Subscription Fees”) and any other applicable fees, including but not limited to applicable fees relating to the value of sales made through your account when using all payment providers other than Lawyersorted.com Payments (“Transaction Fees”). The Subscription Fees, Transaction Fees and the Additional Fees are referred to as the “Fees”.

  1. Subscription Fees are paid in advance and will be billed in one month intervals (each such date, a “Billing Date”). Transaction Fees and Additional Fees will be charged from time to time at Lawyersorted.com’s discretion. You will be charged on each Billing Date for all outstanding Fees that have not previously been charged. Fees will appear on an invoice, which will be sent to you via the Primary Email Address provided. As well, an invoice will appear on the Account page of your administrative console. Users have approximately two weeks to bring up and settle any issues with the billing of Subscription Fees.
  2. If we are not able to process payment of Fees using an Authorized Payment Method, we may make subsequent attempts to process payment using any Authorized Payment Method. If we are unable to successfully process payment of Fees using an Authorized Payment Method within 28 days of our initial attempt, we may suspend and revoke access to your Account and the Services. Your Account will be reactivated upon your payment of any outstanding Fees, plus the Fees applicable to your next billing cycle. You may not be able to access your Account or your storefront during any period of suspension. If the outstanding Fees remain unpaid for 60 days following the date of suspension, Lawyersorted.com reserves the right to terminate your Account.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, all sums payable by you to Lawyersorted.com under these Terms of Service will be paid free and clear of any deductions or withholdings whatsoever. Other than Taxes charged by Lawyersorted.com to you and remitted to the appropriate tax authorities on your behalf, any deductions or withholdings that are required by law will be borne by you and paid separately to the relevant taxation authority. Lawyersorted.com will be entitled to charge the full amount of Fees stipulated under these Terms of Service to your Authorised Payment Method ignoring any such deduction or withholding that may be required.
  4. Lawyersorted.com does not provide refunds

Terms of Service

  1. The term of these Terms of Service will begin on the date of your completed registration for use of a Service and continue for 12 calendar months, as provided below (the “Term”). The subscription will be renewed atomically for a similar period.
  2. You may cancel your renewal subscription by giving one month’s notice by contacting Lawyersorted.com Support and then following the specific instructions indicated to you in Lawyersorted.com’s response.
  3. You may cancel the subscription at any time, but you will still be required to pay the full annual fee for the 12-month subscription period, even if you cancel before the end of the period.
  4. Without limiting any other remedies, we may suspend or terminate your Account or the Terms of Service for any reason, without notice and at any time (unless otherwise required by law), including if we suspect that you (by conviction, settlement, insurance or escrow investigation, or otherwise) have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the use of the Services. Termination of the Terms of Service will be without prejudice to any rights or obligations which arose prior to the date of termination.
  5. Upon termination of the Services by either party for any reason:
    1. Lawyersorted.com will cease providing you with the Services and you will no longer be able to access your Account;
    2. Unless otherwise provided in the Terms of Service, you will not be entitled to any refunds of any Fees, pro rata or otherwise;
    3. Any outstanding balance owed to Lawyersorted.com for your use of the Services through the effective date of such termination will
    4. Immediately become due and payable in full; and
    5. Your Lawyersorted.com Account will be taken offline.
  6. If there are any outstanding Fees owed by you at the date of termination of the Service, you will receive one final invoice via email. Once that invoice has been paid in full, you will not be charged again

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