Employment Solicitors in the UK

Make employment law matters easier by using our platform to find UK employment solicitors.

Experiencing challenges with your employer? Unsure about your employment rights? At Lawyersorted, you can search and find law firms that can help with employment matters.
Employment law specialists listed on lawyersorted.com have handled all types of cases for employees and employers
nationwide. Let us match you with the right expert for your situation.

Unfair Dismissal Claims

Were you dismissed from your job unfairly? Find your ideal law firm on lawyersorted.com and get advice on whether you have grounds for a claim and get a lawyer to represent you through:

  • Settlement negotiations
  • Lodging tribunal claims
  • Preparing your case
  • Representation at tribunal hearings

A good law firm should get you the compensation you deserve if you were unfairly dismissed. Learn more about types of employment tribunal claims.

Redundancy Rights

Being made redundant can be daunting. Employment law firms provide guidance on:

  • Minimum notice periods and consultations
  • Calculating redundancy pay
  • Unfair selection processes
  • Suitable alternative employment
  • Post-termination restrictions

Know your full entitlements during redundancy processes.

Discrimination and Harassment

Facing discrimination, bullying or harassment at work? Lawyers on our platform can assist with:

  • Lodging grievances and claims
  • Settlement negotiations and mediations
  • Preparing tribunal claims alleging discrimination
  • Representing you at tribunal hearings

Employment Contracts

Understanding employment contracts is crucial. Lawyersorted listed firms offer advice on:

  • Reviewing job offers and employment terms
  • Understanding restrictive covenants
  • Negotiating severance agreements
  • Drafting contractor agreements
  • Ensuring legal compliance

Get your working relationship off on the right foot. Learn more about UK work permits and skilled worker visas.

Local Specialists Nationwide

With employment lawyers located across the UK and listed on Lawyersorted makes it easy to connect with legal professionals in your area who understand regional laws and practices.

Book in Minutes, Meet in Hours

Choose your preferred employment law firm on Lawyersorted, share your employment issues and book a consultation at a time that suits you. Meetings can take place virtually or their office.

What types of employment issues can law firms help with?

Our listed law firms can help you with unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination/harassment, contract reviews, severance agreements, and more. We have employment law specialists nationwide.

How quickly can I book an appointment with an employment lawyer?

You can book a consultation usually within hours or the next working day once you provide details on your issue and location. Meetings can be in-person at lawyers’ offices or online.

What if I can’t afford a lawyer for my employment issue?

Discuss your concerns with the employment law firms we’ve listed; several of them provide flexible fee options for eligible clients. Our goal is to connect you with employment lawyers who are a good fit for your needs and budget.
Contact Lawyersorted today to discuss your situation and get help find your most suitable employment law expert.

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