Professional Negligence Solicitors in the UK

People rely on several professionals for legal advice, financial auditors, and medical services. When hiring these professionals, we trust their knowledge and expertise in the field. Besides, certain codes and standards of services are expected when hiring professionals. 

Whether for a business or a personal situation, these professionals can help make decisions and provide services. However, these professionals may fail to provide adequate services per the contract and legal obligations in some situations. 


This may cause financial loss, medical injury, and mental health trauma. Here’s when professional negligence solicitors come into play when claiming against a solicitor and holding the professional accountable for their lack of skills and wrong conduct. Keep reading to find the best negligence solicitors in the UK.

What is Professional Negligence

In professions like insurance, accounting, architecture, financial advisor negligence claims, and law, the workers may be unable to deliver as per the standard. This failure to deliver as per the expected standard and care in the service is termed professional negligence. 

The professional may work under the degree of reasonable care and caution to ensure the safety of the hiring person. A professional can avoid negligence claims by delivering quality services and maintaining the standard of work. 

Professions with a high rate of negligence claim solicitors are: 

  • Medical professionals (nurses, doctors, physical therapists)
  • Finance professionals (accountants, tax advisors, auditors, insurance brokers, financial advisors, actuaries, lenders)
  • Legal professionals (Legal malpractice solicitors UK, Lawyers, barristers, legal executives, trademark attorneys, licenced notaries)
  • Construction professional negligence (architects, builders)

Common scenarios include: 

Loss due to solicitor professional negligence: Any loss related to finances, health and property 

Breach of duty: The professional did not provide Adequate services and quality. 

Low standard of work: There are fewer services, according to the paid amount to the professional. 

Duty of care: You were obligated to carry a commitment at a legal or moral level to ensure the safety of others. 

Loss suffered: You must have sustained some loss as a result of the professional’s negligent activities. The loss could be financial, health-related, or other.

How to File a Professional Negligence Claim

Here are the steps to follow for filing a professional negligence claim

Gathering Evidence for Your Claim

Keep a record of all relevant documents that support the claim against the negligent solicitors or medical professionals. These documents will help build your case and prove the claim in court. You may also create a report with all the damages, causation, and documents. 

Here’s a checklist of documents and information to support your claim: 

  • Initial contract document proving professional relationship 
  • Documents for establishing service industry standards include licence regulations and a code of ethics.
  • Documents to prove errors and inadequate services. 
  • Get expert advice in the same field 
  • Provide proof in documents and photos regarding financial loss, damages, and injuries.  
  • Medical records and extra bills to fix the errors.

Management Costs Incurred

Make a note of all the costs that occurred due to solicitors’ professional negligence and further financial losses. This will ensure you receive compensation for the damages.

File a Complaint and Send a Letter of Claim

After gathering the documents and proof of negligence, file a complaint with the help of a lawyer professional negligence solicitor

The initial step is to connect with professional negligence lawyers to send a preliminary notice regarding the claim. This notifies the professional about your grievance and further proceeding. The professional has 21 days to respond.

Investigations and Letter of Response

The negligent solicitor is given 90 days to investigate the claim and respond accordingly. These investigations prove or deny the claim. The professional may get help from a solicitor and provide relevant documents to deny the claim. 

After the investigation, the letter of response is sent and can also be presented in court. It may include additional information from the professional side denying or reflecting the claim. 

Besides, comments on the allegation, estimated financial loss provided, and the professional’s version of events are included in the letter of response. 

Letter of Settlement

The letter of settlement is sent in the form of 

  • Open communication letter
  • A prejudice letter showing the lack of proper evidence to support in court
  • Without prejudice, save as to costs letter indicating evidence cannot be submitted as evidence in court till the main problem is solved. 
  • Offer letter containing settlement details 

Alternative Resolution

See if the claim can be settled outside the court to save both parties time and money. This way, resolution can be faster instead of attending court hearings. An impartial arbitrator or mediator can help the two parties reach a resolution that both agree to. 

Selecting the Right Negligence Solicitor for Your Case

Choosing the right solicitor is important in winning the professional negligence case. Here’s s what you should look for: 

  • Find a professional negligence lawyer that specialises in negligence claim cases such as accounting, medical, finance and law. 
  • Pay attention to their track record and success rate over the years. Ask for their case experiences and compare them to similar situations. 
  • Consider communication with the professional negligence solicitor. Confirm how they will be accessible to you during the whole process. 
  • Learn about the fees and ask for a breakdown and full transparency throughout the case. Discuss court fees, consultation fees, and disbursements. This may also include a fee for expert witnesses for negligence cases. 

The Role of Mediation in Professional Negligence Disputes

If your professional negligence case has the potential to be solved outside court, then medication may help in saving time and hassle. The quick resolution will save money and ensure you get the right compensation for the claims. 

During this alternate dispute resolution, both parties select a third-party mediator who communicates between the parties to reach a mutual settlement. Mediation may also help in maintaining confidentiality and having more control over the outcome in favour of both parties. 

Why you Should Use LawyerSorted to Find Negligence Lawyer focuses on 100% customer satisfaction. Our platform connects clients with the best professionals in negligence dispute resolution in the UK. Clients may access the platform 24/7 and schedule consultations. Learn about the information before selecting a professional. 

Here are the benefits of for finding solicitors.

  • You can consult for professional negligence legal advice in just one click without any waiting period. 
  • Go through the client reviews and select the breach of duty solicitors to get legal negligence compensation.
  • Find solicitors from subcategories, including tax consultants, insurance brokers, barristers, engineers, accountants, architects, professional indemnity claim solicitors, and more.

Common Questions About Professional Negligence Claims 

How do I start a professional negligence claim?

The negligence claim starts with speaking to an expert to send a preliminary notice followed by a letter of claim and acknowledgment. Investigations will occur, and you may receive a letter of response and settlement. In some cases, there may be alternative dispute resolutions. 

What evidence is needed for a professional negligence case?

To win the case and get compensation, you will have to prove loss of finances, injuries, and impact on career or family life. As a plaintiff, you have to establish the duty of care, its breach, causation, and damages. The important documents for filing the claim may include contracts, letters, emails, and professional communication. 

Can I claim compensation for professional negligence?

If you suffer a loss in any form and are able to prove it, you may claim compensation for professional negligence to make up for the lost income or solve the issues that occurred due to negligence. 

How long do I have to file a professional negligence claim?

After medical or professional solicitors’ negligence, you have up to six years to file the claim. However, there are special circumstances like negligence not detected for years, allowing the claim after the stipulated time. 

What are the costs associated with filing a negligence claim?

The cost may depend on the professional negligence solicitors and the services you require, so always confirm the associated fee before hiring. You may ask if the consultation is calculated hourly or if it is a one-time occurrence. Consider a success fee agreement, which may range from 25% to 100% of the base cost. 

How can help with my professional negligence claim? will connect you to the best professional negligence solicitors in your area to help with the negligence claim case. The platform has an instant booking feature that allows you to schedule appointments with a professional without wasting any time. Whether it is an accountant negligence claim or architect negligence legal support, you can rely on Lawyersorted professionals for the right mediation or surveyor negligence advice.

Can professional negligence claims be settled out of court?

Yes, professional solicitor negligence claims can be settled out of court when both parties agree through outside negotiation. They may rely on alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration or mediation. It may help save both parties money and time, which can be added to the compensation. 


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