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Make family law matters simple – Use the Lawyersorted platform to find UK family law solicitors.

Going through separation or divorce? Need guidance on child arrangements? At Lawyersorted, you can discover law firms that can help with family law matters. They have decades of experience and will assist you professionally in navigating legal processes to address your family law concerns.

Divorce and Separation

Ending a marriage can be emotionally and legally complex. Find a family law specialist who can advise on:

  • Petitions and paperwork
  • Dividing assets equitably
  • Arrangements for children
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Court representation if needed

Listed family law firms are here to support you throughout your separation process as smooth as possible.

Child Custody and Visitation

Determining child custody and visitation can often be a challenging task. Use Lawyersorted to find a nearby family law firm that will provide comprehensive assistance in the following areas:

  • Draft proposed schedules
  • Negotiate compromises
  • Mediate agreements
  • Represent you in court if needed
  • Advise on enforcing orders

Financial and Property Settlements

Sorting out finances during a divorce needs an experienced touch. Lawyersorted listed firms can assist you with:

  • Value assets and determine equitable splits
  • Handle complex financial situations
  • Maximise pensions and investments
  • Negotiate fair settlements
  • Offer court representation

Achieve the necessary financial separation to facilitate your progress towards a stable future.

Domestic Abuse Assistance

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, Family law firms can help with:

  • Applying for protective orders
  • Reporting violations and offences
  • Shelter and support referrals
  • Divorce and custody cases

Local Family Solicitors Nationwide

Lawyersorted connects you with family law firms across the UK, making it easy to find experienced family law solicitors near you.

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Describe your family matters with listed law firms and book a consultation online at a time that suits you. Meetings can take place virtually or in-person at their offices.


What family legal issues can you get assistance with?

We can connect you with family lawyers to help with divorce, separation, child custody and visitation, domestic violence protection, financial settlements, prenuptial agreements, and more.

How does Lawyersorted find me a family lawyer?

Select family law category and nearby location. Lawyersorted match you with a specialist from our network of lawyers across the UK suited to your needs.

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