Immigration Solicitors in the UK

Lawyersorted: Your trusted platform for finding a UK immigration law solicitor

Immigrating to the UK involves extensive paperwork, complex laws and strict compliances. Expert legal guidance can ensure your application goes smoothly. At Lawyersorted, you can search and find law firms that have assisted many of individuals, families and businesses to immigrate to the UK successfully.

Skilled Worker Visas

Looking to live and work in the UK long-term? Find an immigration specialist who can advise on:

  • Start up and Innovator founder visas
  • Skilled Worker Visas and Intra-Company Transfer visas
  • UK Expansion Worker visa and other Global Mobility scheme routes.

Law Firm on stay updated on the latest visa regulations and trends to maximise your chances of approval.

Family and Spouse Immigration

Want to bring your family to live with you in the UK? Listed Law firms can handle:

  • Spouse and partner visas
  • Dependent visas for children
  • Parent and grandparent settlement
  • Family reunion applications

Listed law firms will manage the application process from start to finish to facilitate reunification.

Business Immigration Support

Relocating or establishing a business in the UK requires expertise. Business immigration solicitors assist with:

  • Sponsor licence applications
  • Compliance audits and due diligence

Rely on our listed partners to ensure your company stays compliant with home Office regulations.

Refusals, Appeals and Administrative Reviews

If your application is denied, use Lawyersorted to find a law firm near you which will provide comprehensive assistance with regards to:

  • Assessing refusal reasons and prospects of appeal
  • Preparing strong appeal cases and representations
  • Submitting Administrative Reviews where appropriate
  • Appearing at First-Tier Tribunal hearings Get decisions overturned so you can achieve your immigration objectives.

Local Immigration Lawyers Across the UK

Our nationwide network of law firms keeps us up to date on changes to local processes and requirements.

Connect with trusted immigration solicitors in your area for situation-specific advice.

Book Your Consultation in Minutes

Starting your visa application? Choose your preferred immigration law firm on Lawyersorted and book a consultation at a time that suits you. Meetings can take place virtually or their office.


What types of UK visas can you get help with through lawyers listed on Lawyersorted?

We can connect you with lawyers to assist all type of immigration visas such as skilled work and business visas, family/spouse visas, student visas, visitor visas, and more. Our partners handle applications, appeals, administrative reviews, and compliance.

How does Lawyersorted find me an immigration lawyer?

Tell us your visa/immigration issue and location. We then match you with a specialist from our network of lawyers across the UK suited to your needs.

Get immigration issues resolved quickly and smoothly. Contact us today.

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